Not only can make-up change the way you look, but it also changes the way you feel! 

The key to having on point make-up, is to first prepare your face.

  • Start by washing your face with a gentle cleanser that is good for your skin type
  • Next, exfoliate
  • Then, Moisturize
  • Finally, Apply Primer

Once you have prepared the canvas, it’s now time to start painting!

When applying base, start with color corrector, then apply all-over foundation. You can use a brush, a sponge, or your fingers. For medium to full coverage, use a foundation brush. A sponge will provide medium coverage as well.  Smoothing on with your fingers will provide more of a natural look. Finish off with concealer to cover any blemishes.

Next up—powder, blush, and bronzer!  Start by applying a light dusting of powder all over your face but concentrate especially on the T-Zone which is where oil tends to build up and cause shininess. After powder, apply bronzer to your face, neck, and even your chest to even out your skin tone. Finally, add a splash of color with some blush! For best results—smile, then dust the apples of your cheeks, and sweep in an upward motion aiming at the tops of your ears… then back down again towards your jawline.

Now, eyes—

 To prep your eyelids, choose an eyeshadow that matches your skin, and apply it on the eyelid, all the way up to the brow bone.

Choose an eyeliner color that will compliment your eyes. Whether you choose a pencil, a crème eyeliner, a gel, or a liquid one is dependent on your preference and the look you’re going for. For a more dramatic look, or cat eyes, use a liquid liner. For sultry eyes, a crème eyeliner works beautifully! A pencil is great for beginners or a more natural look. When applying, get as close to the mirror as possible, and tilt your head backwards so that you are looking downward at yourself as you apply. This trick helps your hit the right angle! Using very small strokes, begin applying to the upper lid first, working from the inner corner, and moving out. When applying to your lower eyelid, start at the outer corner, and stop about half way, then smudge towards your inner eye. This will prevent the dreaded eyeliner clumps that build up in the inner corners of the eyes. Once your liner is how you want it, move on to eye shadow!

When choosing eye shadow, keep in mind that different color shadows will make certain eye colors pop, while using the wrong shade, can cause the opposite!  For some great tips on choosing eye shadow colors, click here.  When applying your shadow, keep these tips in mind.

Now, take your time and apply mascara. This is the finishing touch that will really make your eyes to stand out! Start at the roots of your lashes and work out using a zig-zag motion.

 For a natural looking brow, use a pencil, and lightly fill in any bare spots. Keep your hand light and don’t push down hard. For more defined brows, use a pencil to trace the outline and give you a line to stay inside. Think of it as coloring! Once you have outlined your brows, use a pencil, or brush and apply color.  You can use a darker color at your arch. Think of it as eyebrow contouring! Just remember to use a feather-light sweeping motion going in the same direction that your eyebrows grow. If you have thin or graying brows, opt to use a tinted brow gel. The gel will plump your brows!  Use a finishing gel to ensure they stay put.

To finish your look, choose a lipstick or gloss and apply evenly on your lips. For best results, start at the cupid’s bow and extend out to the corners of your mouth, then blot. For a pouty look, apply more lipstick in the middle of your bottom lip, then blot using a downward rubbing motion.

And Viola! Your canvas is complete!