People in the video industry know that 65% of audiences are visual learners. This is the biggest reason why video marketing is such an important method to advocate for your business and connect with your audience. You can not only advertise, but you can demonstrate how to use your product or service, there by easily educating your audience or customer base. Through video marketing, you can share useful tips and information that will bring value to your audience and because of this- they will appreciate and trust you and your brand much more.

I hope you’re ready to learn because I am going to share with you the top five most effective secrets from those within the video industry. These secrets will help you better strategize your video content marketing for the success of your business.

Make it short and sweet

Get to the point right away. Most viewers will click off of a video within the first ten seconds if it doesn’t capture their attention. So make sure the beginning of your video will pique enough interest. Your goal should be to pack as much valuable content in as you can from the start and make sure your video isn’t too terribly long. Audiences are looking for quick resolution. They want the video they select to deliver them with the information they need NOW, not 15 minutes into the video.

Getting all the views

Ever heard of a video going viral? A viral video doesn’t happen by accident and not as often as you think. Through online sharing, a viral video can get millions of views very quickly. There is a strategy behind getting your video to land on that “most viewed” page. The strategy is— are you ready for it? Through multiple channels! When posting your video, the first thing you need to do straight away is reach out to as many people as possible to view your video. How you ask? There are many ways, and if you want your video to get a high quantity of views, you need to take advantage of all of them. Start with your friends, family, your personal social media outlets- make sure everyone you know watches the video and ask them to share it with everyone they know as well. The cycle should keep going. Do this on every social media platform, not just Facebook. I’m talking FB, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, every platform possible to get the link to your video out there. If you have an email list, create an awesome email to send out to those folks and include the video. Reach out to bloggers. Especially bloggers whose niche coincides well with your video content. You can actually pay bloggers to post an embedded code for your video on their sites. This can be extremely effective.

Get to tagging

If you don’t already know, tagging is when you tag your videos with keywords to help it show up in all relative searches. You want to get the best SEO (search engine optimization) value you can. This is how Google categorizes your content, based on the description from your tags. Creating a deliberate tagging strategy can be a huge way to optimize views. The strategy behind this is actually quite simple. Start with selecting anywhere from 3 to 5 tags unique to your brand and use those same tags in all the videos you post. Make sure it relates to your brand, but is also unique enough to not be used by others. This will help ensure only videos from your show up under the “related videos” section. Doing this can lead to hit after hit for multiple videos of yours from a single viewer. You can add more basic tags later when your view stats start to drop.

Create a commenting controversy

That’s right. Who doesn’t enjoy scrolling through (and maybe adding to) a heated debate in the comments section below a video? We all do. That’s why creating a self-made controversy in the comments will keep it interesting for people to keep coming back to, engaging in, sharing with others, etc. Many companies are using multiple YouTube accounts at once from which they comment. Make it interesting, spin it in your favor, and it will keep driving traffic to your site and increase your views, shares, and comments. Others out there will join in on whatever controversy you single-handedly created. Sounds kinda fun, right? It totally is.

Optimize the title and thumbnail, over and over again

You can change the title and thumbnail of a video multiple times to keep persuading clicks. For the title: you can change what catchy phrases you use within the title and just play with it to see what kinds of keywords get you the best response. For the thumbnail: When editing your video, make sure the frame used for the thumbnail is an interesting frame that is visually appealing and clear.

Remember that in today’s day and age of technology, video marketing is a huge aspect of the success to any business. It’s important that you stay educated and informed on all current trends in the video industry so that you know what not to do, as well as the important secrets such as these to help save you time and hassle as you navigate your way to success.

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