Do you ever see those commercials from the big restaurants and how their food looks very appetizing?

But, do they really have better food?

Of course NOT!

For your restaurant, it’s so much more than that!

Have you ever wanted to showcase your unique food, experience, and restaurant to show how amazing it really is?

That’s exactly what we do for you!

It’s not just about food or experience anymore.

Invest in your story

We created a holistic solution for restaurants who want to create an edge unlike anything that exists.

Every story invests in your restaurant
Every engagement shares your restaurant
Every connection connects customers

Empower your Restaurant

Superstory helps you showcase your restaurant inside and out.

So you can…

Connect, Retain and Engage customers on any platform.

Connect with customers
Retain customers
Engage with customers

Compete on a big level

  • Don’t let those big chain restaurants take all the glory show them what your made of.

You can’t make time. This saves a ton of it.

  • Having content ready to go saves hundreds of hours of time when sharing what your about.

Save money

  • Unlike advertising costs, this help you with
  • Word-of-mouth
  • Credibility
  • Be efficient and effective
  • Social Proof & share-ability

Stand out on purpose

  • Having a digital presence in your control allows you to outshine your competition and create an opportunity where one didn’t exist before.

Add a human presence online

  • The ability to add a human presence online enables customers to see your authentic story and real value.

Add value to your restaurant



  • Designed to create a long lasting virtual version of your food
  • Continuous content to help you build a better online presence
  • Give you control over what customers see and share (vs consumer phone pics)
  • It’s like having a media production team on standby
  • Access to the extra footage
  • Can make changes, new edit, or shoot for any new marketing campaign without the expensive cost
  • Can get photos of food from the video.
  • You’re in charge of your marketing
  • Shareable for Email, Social Media, website, and more.
  • Campaign ready
  • Commercial Ready
  • Builds credibility and consistency
  • 4k footage +
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Let your customers can see, taste, hear, and feel the magic of your restaurant.

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