Every Great Story

Starts with Why

How did you get here

If there is one question that every person can answer or want’s to answer at some point is “How did you get here” By asking this question you’ll know what, learn how, and see why. This concept is part of the genesis behind Storyteller Productions. You could have made it to any website, but you chose this site, and you made it to this page right now.

Real amazing things happen when you start to ask this question more and more. That’s when you develop a story of your own, one your participating in right now.

So, why would you want to tell a story?

Why tell a story

Does the storyteller have a story? Yes, absolutely! I grew up taking things a part and creating music. As a young kid I grew up with using both art and science. Both of my parents were teachers, they knew how to teach and taught me how to innovate. This skill set has allowed me to create solutions.

Through a tragic event, I lost my mother at 9 and this redirected my life. I knew there was a story. What I didn’t realize is that the very story I was attempting to tell wasn’t my mothers, it was my own. This amazing realization lead me into a new path of storytelling to help people and business create real connections and meaning in the stories they share and the ways they communicate.

I came to learn that all a story really is.

A when, a how, and a decision.

Jonathan Fritzler – Chief Storyteller & Digital Media Architect

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A mission to discover

We all have a mission. Regardless of if we are aware or not, there is something, some place, or someone that we are reaching for.

This mission, while different is a key part of our story. It’s this story that we connect with and continue to discover each and every day.

What got us here, won’t necessarily get us there. Where we want to go.

A reason to share

While each mission is focused on a goal, the vision is often shared with people. That vision, when aligned to the mission becomes a beacon or hope and a seed for more people to learn about and become a part of.

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A moment to connect

Each moment, can either empower or disempower you, We think and feel that you’ll know the difference when you experience that moment. In that moment you can transform your mission, and vision and help other people like you connect to their story and yours.

The next story

If your story had a voice and a narrator, what would be next?

Whether you’re a business, organization or person, the next story belongs to you.

Let’s start your next story

Your story has already changed the world.

What’s next?

Jonathan Fritzler

Digital Media Architect, Story Coach, Producer

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